Muriwai Motor Camp is currently closed for rennovations.
We'll re-open for the Summer Season 2016-17

In the meantime contact Auckland Council for more information

  • Tide, wind and swell combine to make this one of the most spectacular blowholes in the region.  The walkway steps lead you down to the Papa Rock platform where you can experience the beauty of this natural formation first hand and up close (if you dare!) as you navigate around rockpools and mussel nurseries.
  • The Muriwai Golf Course is an 18 hole links course with its boundary along the edge of the beach, giving you ample opportunity to take in the impressive scenery while you take on each unique and challenging hole.
  • No trip to Muriwai would be complete without taking a nature walk alongside the rocky outcrop to observe these amazing, majestic birds in their natural habitat atop the bluff, where they have chosen to make their nests.  Read all about the fascinating life of the Gannets from the information panels along the walkway, as you watch them glide overhead or observe their nesting habits just metres away from the viewing platforms.  Other native seabirds such as Terns and Gulls make this area their home, and you can watch them alongside the Gannets.
  • Surfers drive from miles around in the hope to catch the perfect wave at one of Muriwai's many breaks - Maori Bay, Main Beach or Rivermouth.  With clean, clear water and guaranteed swell most days of the year, Muriwai is a favourite of surfers for its consistent year round breaks and challenging yet rewarding conditions.  Muriwai surf has something for everyone, including learners who can get good value group lessons with board hire included, from the Surf School next to the cafe.
  • It's a rare day when you don't see a group of dedicated fishermen perched out on Papa Rock hoping to catch the big one.  Rain, hail or shine, this is a favourite spot for fishing due to its consistency and easy access to deep water over the rock drop off, making it one of the best spots for fishing for ease of accessibility while still yeilding great results (and hopefully something to bring home for dinner!).  There is also good fishing to be had at the river mouth located North of the main beach.
  • Muriwai is a favourite spot for paragliders, who can often be seen taking off from the Maori Bay cliff face and gliding effortlessly over the sand and sea.  Ideal wind conditions and just a short drive from the city make Muriwai a top choice for those looking for a paragliding spot where they can enjoy the spectacular views and natural features from a birds-eye-view perspective.
  • If you want to feel as though you are camping as close to the beach as possible, Muriwai is the perfect place, with the sea being just a few metres away over the sand dunes.  Sit back and relax beside your tent or caravan as you listen to the sound of the waves crashing softly just over the dunes.
  • During the summer, the surf patrol maintains a vigil on the main beach, with indicator flags to help you know where it's safe to swim.  As with most West Coast beaches, Muriwai is famous for its beautiful velvety black ironsand, but also for its strong waves and potentially dangerous tidal flows.  The Muriwai Surf Patrol are some of the best in the region and are dedicated to keeping swimmers safe, while they patrol the beach from the surf tower located just above the main beach.
  • Muriwai's beautiful scenery, easy accessibility and wide open spaces make it the perfect place to enjoy an exhilarating horse ride along the beach or through one of the many forest walks.  Many Muriwai residents and owners of farms in the area are horseriders and you will often see hoofprints in the sand as you walk up the beach.  Daily horsetreks are available (please book ahead).
  • There are many beautiful walks in the Muriwai region, some of the best are just a short drive from the beach, while other walks start right from the beach area and take you through lovely scenery from forest to clifftop.